Match Your Investments to Your Values

The GreenAngels Platform simplifies your search for organizations dedicated to making a responsible contribution to the environment and humanity.


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Are you looking to do some hands on volunteering? It could be the oceans, clean air, fresh water, pollution, or perhaps social justice…women’s and children’s rights, food, affordable housing. Wherever your heart lies, there’s an organization of dedicated people who need your help. Volunteering is good for you! It can lead to a more satisfying and longer life.

Use our resources to help you pinpoint where your passion lies.


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So many organizations! So many good causes! How to go about selecting the ones that fit with your interests. We help you filter through and find the ones that speak to your heart, the causes that are working towards a healthier planet or correcting social injustices.

We’ll help to simplify the choices that inspire your support.


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For companies to make a social or environmental difference and still make a dollar, it takes investments from people like you. But how do you identify responsible investment opportunities? We’ll help you filter through to find the impact investments that interest you. “Make a difference, make a dollar’.

Invest in companies that make a responsible impact in the world.



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