Dave Howe


Dave’s background is finance. His BCom from UBC along with his Masters of Finance from American College led to his interest in investment banking. His entrepreneurial spirit has led to a number of successful businesses and his career has spanned from North America to Europe to Mexico, working first in estate planning and then focusing on consulting to resort real estate projects. His curiosity and out of the box thinking have helped many developers to approach their projects in unusual ways, leading to successful conclusions. Dave has a unique ability to see the vision as well as the practical steps that lead to it.

A number of years ago, he and his wife, Ina, realized that single bottom line thinking is the cause of many of today’s problems and he embraced the triple bottom line…environment, social and economic. “Making a difference WHILE making a dollar” has become his mantra. He continues to consult to developers but always keeping in mind these three core values. He is very much involved in working towards  bringing the private, public and non profit sectors together under this umbrella.