GreenAngels Foundation

A number of years ago, Dave started chopping wood. He’s chopped wood for many people on Pender, young and old, working or retired, rich or not, it doesn’t matter. He will chop for whomever asks. And he does it all for charity, for exercise, for doing good for a community that looks after each other.

Over the years he’s attracted a team of choppers, a stalwart, loyal bunch who get together 2 or 3 times a week for the enjoyment and satisfaction of helping out. They began selling cords of wood a few years ago in order to support a local woman, Jane McIntosh, in her goal of volunteering for two years on the Africa Mercy Ships. From there, they began helping other charities and now have raised thousands of dollars and helped to support many worthwhile programs on Pender and Mayne Island as well as abroad.


The Greenangels Woodchoppers Foundation was created as a registered non-profit society without charitable status:

There is a board of five directors:

  • Dave Hargreaves
  • Gary Gee
  • Davy Rippner
  • Jane McIntosh
  • Ina Timmer
  • Tax Receipts: depends on the Charity receiving the donation
  • Wood Donors: possible tax receipts depending on the Charity receiving the funds.
  • Donors can designate preferred Charity.
  • Wood Sale Proceeds: 98% goes to Charity
  • Choppers: all volunteers

In a small corner of the world, peace and goodwill are happening. One cord of wood at a time. And the kinship that has developed amongst the team is heartwarming. You can catch them many days at the bakery or Slow Coast having their well deserved Americanos after a lengthy bout of exercise..