Making a Difference while Making a Dollar


"The better angels of our nature."

~ Lincoln


We feature inspiring stories of people and their projects with whom we have direct connections, people who are making a valuable contribution to this great world we live in.  GreenAngels is proud to lend its support because together, we can make a real difference.

From Sea to Sea to Ocean

Living on Vancouver island, on the coast of British Columbia, we’re surrounded by ocean, and in our case, by the Salish Sea. On a day to day basis, its normal to just look at and think locally, relating to the names of the straits, the inlets, and the bays around us and the marine life […]

Upeace Centre for Executive Education

The Centre for Executive Education, overlooking Costa Rica’s lush Central Valley serves as an idyllic setting for engaging with others and reflecting on the positive change you want to make. The Centre is located 30Km Southwest of San José, within a natural reserve composed of a secondary forest and the last remnant of primary forest […]

The Whale Trail

We recently learned of the Whale Trail, a not for profit organization that identifies viewing locations for sighting whales, in particular, the orca. We spoke with Donna Sandstrom, one of its founders. She grew up in California, where her love for the sea and all its creatures took early hold. Go to the site and […]


We showcase work that takes place in the spirit of love.

Who We Are

Greenangels's mission is to help make a difference in the world by featuring projects and causes that "make a difference while making a dollar", most particularly in the Southern Baja and the Pacific Northwest.

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