Making a Difference while Making a Dollar


"The better angels of our nature."

~ Lincoln


We feature inspiring stories of people and their projects with whom we've worked, people who care about this great world we live in.  GreenAngels is proud to lend its support because together, we can make a real difference.

Casa Abuelos

A home, a sanctuary, a community hub. This is Elsa Aramburo’s dream. Since the school closed due to COVID, Elsa has turned her attention to the community, mothers, young children and the elderly, respecting their needs and providing a gathering place for support and inspiration. She’s found a large house, in need of repair but […]

Pin Money Moms

Way back, when my kids were small we had enough money to meet our needs but not any left over for extras or a treat now and then. Moms would often find ways to earn a little here and there…perhaps knitting or sewing, creating craft items, selling Tupperware, cleaning houses, whatever they could do part […]

Upeace Centre for Executive Education

The Centre for Executive Education, overlooking Costa Rica’s lush Central Valley serves as an idyllic setting for engaging with others and reflecting on the positive change you want to make. The Centre is located 30Km Southwest of San José, within a natural reserve composed of a secondary forest and the last remnant of primary forest […]

Working hand in hand with you

Who We Are

Greenangels's mission is to 'make a difference' to those who need our help by 'making a dollar' in order to support that help. We work particularly with projects in the Southern Baja.

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