Growing up across the street from each other throughout grade school and high school instilled similar values in Dave Howe and Ina Timmer, The closeness of a small, rural community coupled with the freedom of the outdoors, grounded them both with down to earth principles.

Dave’s background in finance (he has a Masters of Financial Services) coupled with Ina’s marketing expertise, took them to various parts of the world,consulting to resort real estate projects.Traveling was a real education in learning about the inequities in the business world; how the reigning single bottom line approach to business has led to the problems we now face no matter the location on our planet.

For over a decade,, they have researched and learned about the ‘triple bottom line approach’, emphasizing not only profit, but also people and the planet, helping others to see that taking into consideration social and environmental sustainability as well as economic, is the only way towards a healthy future.

They realized that education was the key to changing the way the world thinks, and approached educational institutions. This led them to Royal Roads University, where they were asked to work with the Eric C.Douglass Entrepreneurial Centre. They began mentoring to the BCom learners, focusing on the triple bottom line.

Dave and Ina are passionate about people, planet and profit and continue mentoring where they can.They still maintain their consulting business as well as working with local government, not for profits and private business, always keeping in mind their motto ‘Making a difference while making a dollar’

Dave also started chopping wood a number of years ago.  And he does it all for charity, for exercise, for doing good for a community that looks after each other. Over the years he’s attracted a team of choppers, a stalwart, loyal bunch, mostly retired and with an average age of seventy, who get together 2 or 3 times a week for the enjoyment and satisfaction of helping out. Plus the enjoyment of an Americano afterwards!

This has led to the creation of Greenangels Woodchoppers Foundation which has chopped wood and given back to the community to the tune of over $100,000 during the past four years.

Dave and Ina make their home on the beautiful Saanich Peninsula, in Sidney, BC.