Angels West Update

splitting wood

UPDATE: December 20/20

Angel Gwen, Tsawout First Nation, first suggested we take a load of Cedar to Randy, Tsartlip FN, who has broken his hips twice and is becoming a bit forgetful. That last point led him to going down his ramp(from the front door) with his canes to feed the birds. His daughter found him lying in the Garden.

When the Sr Angel, Ina, saw the wet ramp(helping unload the Cedar) she immediately suggested roofing shingles for the 12’ramp.

Therein lies the involvement of the Split Splitter, Sr Hargreaves. He agreed to help Ina by bringing the roof shingles and nails to customize the aforesaid ramp(those of you that know me, know why neither asked for my help).

These activities led to Ina’s daughter, Angel Christine, offering a large old growth fir tree with huge knots(great all night burning options for client Randy).

Once those knots were at Randy’s(from Salt Spring), not only did Sr Hargreaves ‘nail’ down the ramp solution, but helped buck the knots as an after thought.

Then the Angels West, P Howe & J Cook, contingent discovering the cedar, balsam, & fir, laying all over Randy’s front yard, in the rain, jumped into action, with wheelbarrow and pickaroon in hand. They cleaned up the yard by stacking all the wood at the top and sides of the ramp including providing the tarps(with Ina’s help).

The Green Angels are definitely heaven sent!! You are all so wonderful! Thank you for helping our communities and families in need!

This is the Christmas 🎄 story I needed to hear and thank you once again for making Randy’s ramp a safe place to walk.  It’s very heart warming knowing that people still care about their fellow mankind.

Warmest regards,


As mentioned earlier John Cook, is actually a good cook, & provided sustenance with Peanut Butter cookies loaded with peanut butter chips and brown sugar. I, of course, had my fill, suggesting he & Phil, not mention that to Angel Ina.

Randy had a rough night so was only able to stick his head out the door to express amazement and thanks, with a soft Merry Christmas wish, before ducking back to bed.

The Cedar & Balsam was donated by the Pender Choppers and as to Sr Hargreaves splitting his time between the Pender Volunteers and the Angel West Marikina group, he came away with sore knees, a full heart, and a significant donation for the kids.

Vaya con Dios to all and to all a ‘Good’night. Dave