Beautiful Business with Sophie Wisbrun

Sophie Wisbrun

Sophie Wisbrun is a Sustainable Business Catalyst. She is on a mission to help business make a positive impact in the world. Sophie created the ‘Doing Business Doing Good Summit’, that provides educational interviews with gurus and pioneers from the corporate world, social entrepreneurs, community builders and best-selling authors who break down the confusion around social responsibility and talk about relevant and practical frameworks, tools and practices that integrate purpose and sustainability into the workplace.

On April 1, 2019 Sophie will be hosting the Beautiful Leadership Workshop, in her home base, Switzerland. This workshop promises: 

"A Transformative Leadership experience that will guide you to look with a new lens, a new compass. How you can lead authentically, values led and purpose driven, and build your business beautifully leaving only positive impact."

Sophie is helping people to become beautiful leaders and build beautiful businesses that are regenerative and leave only positive impact, by helping them to define their purpose, their values, and find their own inner beauty.

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