The Fragrance of Early Summer


Going for a walk this time of year is particularly enjoyable.  Breathing in the myriad fragrances feeds my inner being. I can feel my whole body respond as we pass by wild roses, dianthus, California lilac, lavendar and dozens more. And, sage, thyme, basil, the smells are varied and intoxicating. And all around, a breeze brings the tangy salt water smells of the ocean.

Down the road farmers are haying, cutting the grass, airing it and baling, bringing back memories of childhood. In my mind, I run through the field, wade in the creek, dance through the oaks, build forts in the undergrowth. Watering the apple trees and looking for caterpillars, I notice tiny apples are sprouting from their mother flowers. Black and gray bunnies hop through the long grass each evening while the deer contently browse nearby and the quail take their dust baths in my garden. Strawberries are ripening on the vine. Rhubarb, kale, cilantro and early peas are feeding us.

The world around us is alive with the joy of early summer.

There is so much going on right here, in this small earthly corner. The cycle of life, right here, right now, following its own rhythm, blooming where planted and sharing unconditionally.

Blooming where planted. Something I can take as a lesson from nature especially in this time of COVID.