Grandchildren - The Hope, The Joy, The Indescribable

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It’s our grandson’s thirteenth birthday coming up this week. It’s caused me to reflect on the many joyful memories he’s given. I was fortunate to have held Sam in my arms just hours after he was born. Even then, the look in his new born eyes seemed to recognize me. Who knows.

Almost every Friday, for the next ten years Sam and I spent the day together. As a baby we would take long walks, he in the carriage and later in the stroller and I’d sing to him while he gurgled and smiled. At home we’d dance until he fell asleep in my arms and then we would nap in the red leather recliner, his head on my chest and the wonderful baby smell of him filling me.

As he grew older of course our playtime changed, to lego, and cars and bandits and hide and seek and cops and robbers. We played Star Wars, we snuck up on each other, we went to the beach and we swam and kayaked and fished. We took hikes and went exploring. We played baseball and volleyball and badminton. We went cycling.

Now things have changed a bit. Sam is older and spends a lot of time with his friends, as he should. Nana isn’t needed as much and doesn’t see him quite as often. But there’s still a hug when we do get together and we still enjoy each other’s company.

What’s really heartwarming is his phone calls in this time of coronavirus. A call to say hello to see how we’re doing. And of course, to tell us he loves us.

When Sam was two, he was beginning to put sentences together. My favorite of all time is the beginning of a poem I wrote to convey the incredible joy and indescribable feelings that a grandchild can generate. "Sam hold Nana hand".


“Sam hold Nana hand”, says he in his two year old voice,

So I give him my there really a choice?

And I give him my heart and I give him my soul,

All the world is complete, it is real, it is whole.


I am blessed to be part of this circle of life,

In the world of the child, there is now, with no strife,

There's no past to chew over, no future to fear,

It's today, there is wonder and awe happening here.


We go digging for worms, and we gaze at the pond,

Eat peas from the garden while forging our bond,

We sit on the deck with a book and our tea,

We lie on the floor, kick our legs out in glee.


We sprawl on the grass with his head on my lap,

And I'm rubbing his back while he's taking a nap.

I look at the sky and I feel the good earth,

My heart overflows with a feeling of worth.


And I cry. For his trust is a humbling thing,

But there's joy in my tears for the feeling he brings,

'Sam hold Nana hand', can there be words as sweet?

The moment is endless and I am replete.


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