Greenangels West Update

Gwen and Adrian



Angels West were in action today when Brother Phil, with 6 minutes notice, came over to Tsawout from Cordova Bay, to help Gwen’s son, Michael and I, unload the Cedar for Community Services.

We didn’t have to chop it as Angel Adrian has his own personal Honda(?) splitter. He also is a professional stacker. Will get pictures.

Angel Gwen contributed further to El Capitan’s (Dave Hargreaves)efforts to legally bring Bing to the group(well Canada actually).

Brother Angel Adrian, has spoken for another load of Cedar and along with his Sister Gwen, is out looking for more customers.

In addition to their Community, they obviously intend to help ours, by putting a permanent smile on El Capitan's face.

Ina & I saw this piece on Chek News last night & it’s well worth watching.

We must never forget.

Vaya con Dios, David


 And thank you Dave, so much for delivering such a great product that will be used for community purposes.   We really appreciate it!! Thanks to Phil for helping unload! Gwen