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The residents of Pender Island, BC are a diverse and unendingly interesting bunch and GreenAngels is proud to support and network with many of them. One such person is our friend Dr. David Boyd. We became acquainted with Dr. Boyd and his worldwide environmental work through the GreenAngels Woodchoppers.

Dr. Boyd believes in and fights for the rights of nature, which he describes as the “recognition that our ecosystems—including trees, oceans, animals and mountains—have rights just as human beings have rights.” His book Rights of Nature: A Legal Revolution that Could Save the World is one of nine books he has authored.

Dr. Boyd has taught at Simon Fraser University, University of Victoria, University of Western Ontario and Royal Roads University. He has advised many governments—from Canada to Sweden—on environmental issues. Dr. Boyd is the former Executive Director of the Sierra Legal Defence Fund (now Ecojustice), Canada’s leading public interest environmental law organization. He lives on Pender Island, BC with his wife and their daughter (a proud Salish Sea Star). He enjoys kayaking, running, cycling and is the reigning Barnacleman triathlon champion—completing the epic race in just under 23 hours!

On August 1, 2018, Dr. Boyd was appointed by the UN Human Rights Council to serve a three-year term as the Special Rapporteur on human rights and the environment. This is an incredible honour and a very serious responsibility.

As Special Rapporteur he provides annual reports to the Human Rights Council in Geneva and the UN General Assembly in New York. He also carries out country visits to evaluate the human rights records of specific States. A third element involves responding to allegations of human rights violations in the environmental context made by individuals, communities, and civil society organizations.

One of Dr Boyd’s primary objectives is to contribute to the urgently needed global recognition of the right to live in a healthy and sustainable environment. Everyone, everywhere should have this right protected by government and respected by business. It is an honour to support and promote Dr. Boyd’s good works.

You can read his latest report on human rights and climate change here:

Dr. Boyd