From Sea to Sister Sea (Salish Sea to Sea of Cortez)

Plaza Amelia Wilkes

Chapter I

“A thousand miles of ocean on each side!” he exclaimed enthusiastically. That was the hook Dave used to get me to drive down the Baja with him, in September yet! It worked and off we went!

Our trip began in Victoria, BC, back in 1992, driving the coastline of Washington, Oregon and California down to the Mexican border. Dave had worked in Cabo back in the '80s so was quite familiar with the drive as he had done it a few times already. For me, it was a new adventure.

Just getting across the border using a language I wasn’t familiar with, was an event.

What Dave didn’t elaborate on was that the ocean certainly does stretch a thousand miles on both sides of the Baja but a large portion of the road traverses the middle where there are barren rolling hills, sharp curves and deep drop-offs and very few ocean glimpses. We drove through northern Baja, Tijuana, Rosarito, Ensenada, Guerrero Negro, stopping here and there to explore. Overnight in Guerrero Negro we feasted on the best and biggest scallops ever. It’s also the halfway point where northern Baja becomes southern Baja. This portion of the peninsula is a fascinating assortment of towns, Santa Ana, San Ignacio, Mulege, Rosarito, Loreto, La Paz, Todos Santos and of course, the famous Cabo San Lucas.

I quickly picked up some Spanish words on our drive and yelled them, frequently…peligro (danger), vado (a dip or crossing in the road for flash floods) and the most frequent one..tope (speed bump). Since we were driving a small, low Honda and going at a good clip, I felt it was my duty to yell.

Eventually arriving in Cabo, Dave introduced me to his good friends and another chapter of our lives began. I didn’t know that this trip would culminate in a stay of 18 months, a job managing a resort, a new group of friends and the beginning of our website, GreenAngels.

More to come…..