Amigos de La Finca


Ina & I have been involved with the Aramburo family K-12 children’s school, in San Jose del Cabo, since the ‘90’s.

Covid, this Spring, knocked the 180 kids, their families, & the school for a loop and the Aramburo family is certainly pursuing options available to continue adding value for the children & their families during these difficult times.

One of the options is a family farm, 30 minutes outside of San Jose, where children could have a chance to raise & grow their own food, while learning about nature & leadership skills.

In thinking about solutions/opportunities for the children/families in the Baja desert, it reminded me how Ina & I were raised on the Saanich Peninsula, Vancouver Island, B.C. , participating in a 4-H. Head, Heart, Hands, & Health Club.

Our own organization was named after the Angeles Verdes, Mx,  an organization that provides help to visitors that drive the Baja.

Might we help out their community/Ninos through our 4-H stated mission,

This is something we intend to explore in more depth over the balance of this year, 2020.

Watch for further information & let us know if you have an interest in participating in some way.

Vaya con Dios, David

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