Goldstream Hatchery


Folks, the other day two amazing things happened to the GreenAngels West crew.

We were invited to a guided tour of the Goldstream Hatchery to see their volunteer-based operation, which has been going for the last 40 years, & to witness the release of a few thousand 18-month-old baby Salmon(Ina says they are called ‘fries’).

I’m not sure I like that term as we were told Seagulls & Seals awaited their arrival as they were flushed into Goldstream Creek.

Apparently, less than 2% get back to spawn and continue the cycle of life but thank goodness First Nations designed Reef Net Fishing with a big hole in the net. Otherwise, how would that 2% get back upstream?

The Hatchery has a wide educational program and also seeds streams on many Gulf Islands, including Pender the creek flowing into Hope Bay.

Note: did you know that those babies when coming back, 2 years later, can smell the stream they left, from 100 kms away.

The hatchery annual budget is just two cords of wood per week(my measurement, they used $ much like Jane McIntosh did, when she introduced me to Mercyships).

So what was the 2nd amazing event?

Angel Gwen, the Gal who opened my eyes to how long the Creator has been here on the West Coast (I assume involved in this ‘cycle of life’ project also) offered to purchase a truckload of Cedar to assist Sr Hargreaves in getting Bing (not bingo, John) to Canada.

As an Angel, with a big heart, she thought getting these two back together, sooner rather than later, might benefit all of us (and I assume them too).

Well what next, I’m taking Ina to the Horticultural Centre of the Pacific Gardens for a belated Mother’s Day gift.

Watch this space.

Vaya con Dios, D

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