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We practice 'social forestry', providing safe drinking water, basic health, education and well-being of the community
Our Organization

To alleviate poverty and raise the standards of people living in rural and semi-rural communities by using basic business sense and local resources, to integrate them into sustainable development, involving the whole community. “By the community for the community”.

To create a reforestation program that will eventually provide sustainable livelihoods for the community and reduce the dependency on foreign aid. This reforestation will not only reduce desertification but will provide erosion controls and contribute to a rising water table thus increasing the availability of safe clean drinking water and for irrigation of agricultural crops. Health and education will be improved by helping schools and clinics that rely on the community for their existence. 

With climate change taking front stage in world concerns the creation of new forests will not only provide sustainable incomes from fuel wood crops, selling of carbon retention inventories, allocated timber harvests and re-establishing other traditional incomes like insect harvests, gathering medicinal material, honey collection, aqua-culture, mushrooms, the list goes on. It will provide habitat for other living creatures and will contribute to helping combat the changing climates around the world.

Our Focus
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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