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A business accelerator for Africa's social entrepreneurs
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Einstein Rising was formed to help African social entrepreneurs access the necessary tools to create a successful business within their communities. We believe these socially conscious businesses will pave the way for a new Africa.  Einstein Rising (ER) is empowering social entrepreneurs advocating for the environment and communities through business development & investment. 

After working for non-profit organizations in Africa for years, Alexis Chavez was disenchanted with the forms of aid implementation. She had spent years participating in projects that were proving to be unhelpful for communities because they did not address their fundamental needs, nor did they consult with the community leaders to bring about wanted change. Frustrated with organizational agendas that were not flexible or contextually relevant she left Africa and developed Einstein Rising.  At Einstein Rising, we have stepped out of the savior complex of traditional foreign aid and are working with those in the margins who need power. 

Uganda has been touted as the most entrepreneurial countryin the world, miles ahead of the rest. But it is also the leader in new businesses failing within the first three years of operation. The Ugandan social entrepreneurs are no different as their business ideas often need patient capital as opposed to what is commercially available. We have developed an educational program which includes course work and mentorship to support social entrepreneurs free of charge. Einstein Rising’s team provides an infrastructure of support from start to finish and makes investments into our strongest candidates as well as connects them to outside social investors.

Einstein Rising aims to guide businesses that don’t only survive but thrive through social business acceleration. We provide transformative mentorship, for transformative impact in for organizations that have some initial traction, proof of social impact, and are creating a business model to enable rapid growth.  Together, we are changing the world, one business at a time.

Our Focus
Conservation, Family, Employment, Human Rights, Poverty, Ethical Investing

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