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Supporting ecosystem literacy, protecting native ecosystems & the systems aligned with sustaining native ecosystems.
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The organization works primarily at a federal level, as well as augmenting campaigns in the provinces and territories, to support the minimum 17% federal protection target by 2020 for Canada's terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems and for a 50% protection target by 2030 that includes ecosystem-specific targets. The organization will ultimately be working for a federal Endangered Ecosystems Act to protect all native and endangered ecosystems across the country on a much larger scale based on conservation biology principles and traditional ecological knowledge.

The Endangered Ecosystems Alliance supports regional partners in provincial campaign efforts, while also undertaking major outreach to non-traditional allies including businesses, unions, and faith groups, and diverse cultural groups in order to greatly expand the total scale of the conservation movement. Working with First Nations communities to support Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCA's) and conservation financing will be foundational for affecting positive change, while science and policy research, public education, engaging the news and social media, and major public mobilizations will also be undertaken.

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Nature & Environment
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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