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2540 Sturdies Bay Road
10825 Porlier Pass Rd
Galiano Island BC V0N1P0


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In a Nutshell
Through nature education, land conservation and restoration, we provide opportunities to inspire a love of nature.
Our Organization

The GCA is devoted to land and marine conservation, environmental learning and innovation. We envision a future where ecosystem health and human health mutually support each other in the lands and waters of Galiano Island, inspiring sustainable living on the island and beyond.

The purposes of the society are:

(1) To preserve, protect and enhance the quality of the human and natural environment of the area;

(2)  To conduct research programmes with local citizens and qualified persons on important issues in the fields of development and conservation;

(3)  To facilitate public education and participation in resource and land use management, including ecologically sound forestry practices;

(4) To facilitate forestry practices that are directed towards the preservation, protection and enhancement of the human and natural environment;

(5) To promote models of compatibility between land use and land characteristics, giving full and serious consideration to the biologic and esthetic values of the land;

(6) To promote the establishment of wilderness and other natural habitat preserves for the benefit of this and future generations;

(7)  To raise money, acquire funds and other assistance, and to own, acquire, and take by purchase, donation, devise or otherwise, land or personal property; and expend, sell, exchange, lease, let, improve or develop same for the purposes of the society;

(8)  To do everything incidental and necessary to promote and attain the foregoing purposes and periodically to reassess these purposes.

Our Focus
Nature & Environment

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