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942 Deer Harbor Rd
Eastsound, WA 98245
United States

North America


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conducts and sponsors scientific research in the inland waters of the Pacific Northwest
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The SeaDoc Society works to protect the health of marine wildlife and their ecosystems through science and education. We work to figure out what’s happening to our local species, and why. And then we share that information by facilitating collaboration and networking among the different agencies, governments, and individuals who make the decisions about how the 8 million people living in the Salish Sea can live in harmony with the marine environment. SeaDoc strives to find science-based solutions for marine wildlife in the Salish Sea using a multi-species approach. We work to advance stewardship in at-risk places, respond to emergency ecosystem health issues, educate the community, and train current and future leaders.

Our Focus
Nature & Environment, Oceans, Conservation

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