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Reducing the Risk of Surgical Infection in Resource-Constrained Countries.
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Sterile Processing. Safe Surgery.

Founded by Christina Fast in 2013, Sterile Processing Education Charitable Trust (SPECT) is a non-profit, charitable organization established to improve hospital decontamination and sterilization practices in resource-constrained countries.

Our mission is to reduce the risk of surgical infection through education, consulting, and advocating for standards and access to sterile processing resources.

Post-operative infections lead to thousands of deaths every year, and they're all preventable. That's why we're supporting and training healthcare workers in resource-constrained countries. To make sure that each surgical instrument placed in the safe hands of a surgeon is exactly that: safe.

SPECT is dedicated to promoting the highest quality of reprocessing possible with the goal of ensuring patient safety and wellbeing. We support the development of innovative methods to sterilize instruments that are both cost effective and easy to maintain.

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Social Issues, Health & Medical
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals