Conversations With Dave

13 moon calendar

“My Grandmother told me the Creator was here 10,000 years before you came to introduce him to us”.

It all started at lunch, when Gwen, a young First Nations woman, told me the above.

A Universal Spiritual Force or as Ina puts it, we are a part of everything, even connected to the tree outside.

How can we be a part of everything but so disconnected, at times?

Maybe in our physical form we ‘see’ an end, not the energy.

As another First Nations person put it, “Of course, we are connected to the tree, it’s life. When we take something for food, we thank it for giving its life”.

If we are a part of the spirit/energy of the Universe then what overcomes our separateness?

Looking out for each other!

GreenAngels - ‘Making a difference ‘while’ Making a dollar.

Where does money/security/sustenance fit in that picture, that’s for next time.

~ David

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