Modern Day Moises


“Moses is the most important prophet in Judaism, and an important prophet in Christianity, Islam, the Baháʼí Faith, and a number of other Abrahamic religions.”

[source: Wikipedia]

Our Modern Day Moises comes from Baja California Sur (BCS), the Aramburo family, a well-known name in Los Cabos. Moises does not have the staff of the original Moses, nor the ability to part the Red Sea (or the Sea of Cortes, for that matter) but with his amazing robotic hand and untold integrity is quietly and unassumingly supporting his community.

Moises was taught, from childhood, to take bags of food, every Sunday, to those less fortunate. (Read about it here)

Now a young adult, he is venturing into the real estate development field, starting with a conversion of the family school, which held 180 children successfully, until COVID hit BCS.

The school property is in San Jose del Cabo, at the corner of the Arts & Crafts Centre, surrounding the San Jose Mission.

The first project, that begins this young man’s story, is a Ceramics Studio, which will become the cornerstone of a new Vision.

GreenAngels' mission is to ‘make a difference while making a dollar’.

How might these two missions work together to feed the Souls and provide opportunities, for those less fortunate?

Here’s where my Grade 3 Sweetheart comes in. She understands Arts & Crafts and is all ‘heart’ for those young Souls at the tip of the Baja. Ina will help flesh out the details of this story in future blogs.

This is our joint path, watch this space, and decide whether your Spiritual makeup can be enhanced by getting to know our Modern Day Moises and personally participating in the Vision.

Vaya con Dios
Love, David

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