Our Goal
GreenAngels features causes and issues that are close to our hearts. We know the people behind these stories and organizations and do all we can to support them. Through our stories, we wish to focus on the wonderful work that is being done by extraordinary ordinary people.

Although it's been a difficult year for many, there have also been moments of light and loveliness. There have always been good people and good organizations that continue to work year after year to lighten the load that others carry. But this past year in particular, the load has been heavier and harder to bear. The isolation and loneliness have taken a toll, mentally and physically. The shutdown of businesses and loss of employment have led to anger and arguments and even violence.

So all the good deeds and kindnesses that we may have taken for granted somewhat in the past, have become even more meaningful today. The Christmas holiday season is a great reminder that life does go on, hope still exists and people do care.

Right here in our own community, and I'm sure things are similar in other communities around the world, we have organizations and volunteers working hard to bring joy. One such is Beacon Community Services. From their Shoal Centre in Sidney, BC, staff organize the delivery of meals each and every Thursday, one hot meal and two frozen. Delivered mostly to those who need the help, no questions asked. Goodhearted volunteers help pack and deliver over two hundred meals weekly and at Christmas extra meals are included. And this includes dessert! Many seniors and others who live alone also received a personal visit and a Christmas goody bag.

On Salt Spring island, residents at the extended care looked forward to a personalized bag of Christmas gifts and goodies, all of which were organized by a volunteer. Staff first took the time to find out what each person might enjoy and then the shopping for over thirty people took place, with time and attention paid to make sure all were surprised and delighted.

In our own condo building, residents made the rounds handing out pointsettas, leaving presents at the door, and even playing Christmas music in the hallways. And all year round, folks are looking after each other, here, and in communities everywhere.

And let's not forget the ever busy woodchoppers, who have helped many over the past dozen years. This past week, they delivered and chopped wood for those in need and brought their tools along to make a slippery ramp safe for a disabled friend.

Christmas, even more perhaps than at Thanksgiving, is a good time to reflect on the good in our lives. We've had a year of gloom and anxiety but if we think back, we can likely remember a smile, a sympathetic word, a warm greeting, an act of kindness, everyday small gestures that warm our hearts and help us realize there is still joy and light and love in the world.

We at Greenangels wish you all a New Year filled with peace and warmth and small acts of random kindness.

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