Our Goal
Creating pieces that provoke change one thought at a time, that aspire to convey love, compassion, reverence and beauty.

Artist Statement

Amma Sa! I am Tsimshian of Gitxsan and Nisga’a ancestry. My name is Wihl Buun and my given name is Shar Wilson.

I create with form line that was vetted 1000’s of years ago. When I create I think about the master carvers and artists who drew with the exact same form that I am drawing with today. When I am drawing, I am quite within myself and because of my drawing, I know that I have a place of Peace and Purity within me.

My name is Wihl Buun, which translates to the 'big splash made by the Whales' tail as it hits the surface of the ocean'. I am honoured and proud to have such a beautiful image as my name. The name was passed to me from my Mother when my Gran passed, who got it from her Mother and so on. When I draw, I remember my name, my mothers and grandmothers.

As I walk Mother Earth, I am in awe of all her creatures and see form in all them. The Spirit line of the creature is such a beautiful thing to see – it creates oneness, it elevates our sameness.

Shar Wilson
Shar Wilson

Finally, I always consider the love I have for my husband of 34 years, our children, their spouses and our grandchildren. I especially lean into the love and grief I have for my son, Jordan, who I lost in 2009. I have been a graphic artist since 2012. So, you can see by the timeline, this art came by way of a life changing event. Being so very vulnerable has opened my Spirit and I am not the same person I was before 2009.

I wish to create pieces that provoke change one thought at a time, that aspire to convey this love, this compassion, this reverence, this beauty as taught to me. I am a woman who has been through too many hard times. I have been very lost; I have been hurt; I have hurt: I am loved; I have loved and lost; I have forgiven and I work to forgive; and pray I have been forgiven. Being ashamed, in shame, in humility, and vulnerability has torn down walls that I built up to keep everyone out. Now, I create from this place of vulnerability, shame, forgiveness, love and peace.

Love and Light,
Wihl Buun



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