Our Goal
GivePower aims to deploy social welfare interventions that will help to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals on water and electricity.

While the entire world faces the unpredictable and devastating effects of climate change–unprecedented drought, floods and extreme weather conditions–it is undeniably those in less developed countries who are the hardest hit and the least capable of protecting themselves and recovering from climate-related emergencies.

One of the biggest reasons for this is the fundamental lack of a reliable and affordable power supply. GivePower aims to improve lives by applying leading solar applications and technologies in developing communities to impact these seven sectors: water, food security, health, education, conservation, economic development and telecommunications.

In its six years of operation, GivePower has powered over 2,650 schools across 17 countries and changed the lives of over 400,000 people. In 2018, GivePower launched their very first Solar Water Farm. Powered entirely by the sun, they tap into an abundant and underutilized resource: seawater. With our planet facing increasingly stressed fresh water sources, people need innovative, clean solutions like solar-powered desalination.

“The global water crisis is real and growing at an alarming rate,” said Hayes Barnard, Founder and President of GivePower. "By deploying our Solar Water Farm technology, together we have a timely opportunity to prevent waterborne diseases, create new jobs, improve educational opportunities and develop local economies.”

Watch the video below to find out more about the outstanding work GivePower is doing around the world–shining a light, and bringing hope, to the earth's most vulnerable citizens.


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