Our Goal

A number of years ago, a team of retired men on Pender Island BC, got together and began chopping wood for charitable causes. They're a stalwart, loyal bunch who get together a couple of times a week for the enjoyment and satisfaction of helping out the community. With an average age of seventy, they can likely out chop many a younger man and do it all by hand.

Over the years they've chopped and delivered cords of wood to the tune of over $100,000 and have become a welcome part of the community. There are choppers on Pender and Mayne islands as well as in SIdney.

You're likely to bump into them at one of the local coffee places, having an Americano or latte and solving the world's problem.

In a small corner of the world, peace and goodwill are happening. One cord of wood at a time. And the kinship that has developed amongst this retired bunch is heartwarming.

OrganizationGreenangels Woodchoppers


LocationNorth America