Our Goal
Help Salt Spring Islanders to protect vital forests and wetlands!

The first 20 acres have been purchased and Salt Spring islanders are now raising funds to purchase the next 20.

Title to the Larmour Wetlands is held by the Salt Spring Island Water Preservation Society, and a Conservation Covenant will be established to protect this land forever. It includes a portion of the Cusheon Lake watershed, and its mature forest and rich wetlands provide habitat for several species at risk.

Purchasing these lands will:

• protect vital forests and wetlands that filter and purify water as it percolates through the soils and ultimately feeds wells and lakes nearby, critical sources of potable water for Salt Spring Island residents
• conserve biodiversity and species at risk, including the Western screech owl, pygmy owl, night hawk, and the blue-grey taildropper slug, red-legged frogs, newts, salamanders, fairy shrimp, and the Mexican freetail bat
• mitigate the effects of climate change: when the neighbouring 45 acres were cut in 2018-20, 15,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide were emitted, and it’ll take 60 years for any newly planted forest to be a net sequester of carbon
• honour Mike Larmour’s legacy: we have the opportunity to continue Mike Larmour’s lifetime of preserving and protecting water resources and the healthy watersheds that make them possible.

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