Our Goal
From small-scale farmers to small-batch roasting on Vancouver Island, this coffee is handled intentionally on every step of its journey. The result? An incredible cup of coffee.

When you enjoy this coffee, you choose quality beans from small-scale farmers.

We’re fortunate to have, right in our own back yard, a wonderful social enterprise specializing in one of our favorite beverages, coffee!

Since 1997, Level Ground Trading has been inspired to improve the lives of disadvantaged producers through fair trade.

Here’s what’s transpired as quoted from their website:

“Level Ground’s first Fair Trade initiative was buying coffee from a cooperative in Colombia.  Fair Trade premiums are directed to educational scholarships in the coffee growing region and the project has grown to support 200 scholarships /year!  We’ve loved watching amazing students grow up to become incredible professionals including doctors, agronomists & social workers.

From there… lots has happened!  

  • Trade relationships were formed in Bolivia, Peru, Ethiopia, Tanzania & D.R. Congo.
  • A Colombian company was formed to produce dried fruit and cane sugar and to provide positive employment for displaced women.
  • Trade relationships were started with; small-scale tea growers in India, heirloom rice farmers in the Philippines and finally with spice farmers in Sri Lanka & vanilla growers in Uganda.

Fair Trade premiums are directed to different projects based on the needs of the farmers; healthcare benefits, school scholarships, agricultural technical training, co-op projects etc.  It’s been an adventure in travel and trade!  We are now honoured to have farmer friends around the world.”

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Right here, at home in Victoria, BC, Level Ground is a socially responsible company, with a ‘zero waste’ mandate, composting their organic matter and converting to 100% compostable packaging material. They also encourage staff to walk, bike or bus to work.

We are proud to live in the same community as this planet friendly company.

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