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We rely on donations of wool and fabric to help us with our creations. Cash donations will be used for supplies such as thread, needles, and accessories.

What Story Are You Sitting Beside Today?

Submitted by Ina Timmer

You never know when a good story is sitting right beside you! I had my hair cut the other day and noticed a woman sitting under the dryer, knitting. Always admiring people who really know how to knit, I asked her what she was making. And so I met Louise Worrall, a dynamo of a woman who, at age 93, is still making things happen.

LWLouise told me about the Norgarden Knitters, a group of women who get together on Friday mornings to knit and sew and chat and tell jokes. They’ve been doing this for years; making washcloths, sweaters, dresses, teddy bears, toques, blankets and other necessities to be sent overseas to people in need. She opened her purse and efficiently flipped out one of several slips of paper she keeps on hand with all the information needed about the knitters.

"Everyone has a story to tell... Some are written in books, and some are confined to hearts." ~Savi Sharma

The group originated with a Pender Island woman, Marjorie Bailey, who moved to Sidney at the age of 95 and decided that a knitting and sewing group was just what was needed at the retirement residence. In their first three years they sent 6,000 items overseas.

The knitters send their completed items with the help of the Canada Comforts Society and the Compassionate Resource Warehouse. All items are then shipped in containers to destinations that include Kenya, the Philippines, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Libya Thailand, Haiti and more.

The Norgarden Knitters welcome new knitters and folks who sew and gratefully accept donations of wool and fabric. So, if you’re looking to volunteer or donate leftover wool, look no further than this wonderful knitting group. Or perhaps your community would like to start a group of their own!

You can reach Louise at lfworrall@shaw.ca


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