Our Goal
Provide basic groceries for families on the southern tip of the Baja, in the outskirts of San Jose del Cabo who have lost jobs and have no access to funding during the COVID-19 crisis.

Our goal is to help provide food to as many families as possible. $30.00 Canadian feeds a family for a week! Please consider supporting us by making a donation!

For many Canadians a trip to Mexico is an annual family event. The people who work in the resorts, restaurants and shops in the tourist areas have relied on this income to support their families for decades. With the lock-down on travel, due to the pandemic, these families who have made our vacations so memorable are out of work and increasingly unable to provide their families with the basic necessities.

Our good friends, the Aramburo family, who run the school in San Jose del Cabo (Libertad K-12),are volunteering to purchase and deliver basic groceries for as many families as possible during this difficult time. We have visited with the families in the barrios many times over the years and have seen first hand that even in the best of times, when the economy is thriving, these folks can have a difficult time providing for their children.

Libertad school has supported Cabo's community in different ways, and now there is more need than ever before. They have been going out during the week to distribute groceries, purchasing whatever they themselves can afford, making every dollar count, buying rice, beans, flour and basic necessities.

$30.00 Canadian can provide a week's supply of food for a family.

GreenAngels gives them support, especially in this COVID-19 period, when most jobs have disappeared and tourists, the mainstay of their economy, are non-existent. Thank you for your generosity! It brings hope and dignity to those in need! Please consider helping us! And, in return, that next vacation in the Baja may be even more wonderful than the last.

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