Our Goal
As if COVID wasn't enough.....now there is flooding! Raising funds to feed and educate young children in Marikina, Philippines.
We welcome your support, especially in these difficult times of COVID-19 when so many families have lost their income and their jobs.
100% of donations go towards helping these young children.


As well as dealing with the virus, there has now been widespread flooding in and around Marikina. The school had water up to the second floor and the damage and mess left behind is shown in our updated picture. The cleanup begins and support is needed.

Covid-19 has hit hard in the poor areas of the Philippines. Many families have no money to feed themselves much less educate their children. Bing, is the wife of Dave Hargreaves, one of the Greenangels Woodchoppers, and is an Early Childhood Educator. She works in Marikina and is providing tutorials and food for some of these children. She teaches the Montessori method. Dave helps pay the costs for materials and food to support her efforts in educating as many children as she can.

There is much poverty in Manila and throughout the country, alongside much wealth. Bing and Dave believe, as do so many others, that one way to break the cycle is through education along with nourishment, particularly beginning at an early age. If you care to help, it would be a blessing for them and the children.






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