When One Door Closes, Another Opens

School courtyard

Some time ago, I wrote an article about the Instituto International de Libertad, an English/Spanish school in San Jose del Cabo, owned and run by our good friends, the Aramburos. They have successfully graduated many students over the past 20 years and have been a blessing to their community as a number of students, each year, are given free education thanks to the generosity of the Aramburos.

Like so many other schools, COVID forced the school to close, laying off teachers and other staff, and causing hardship for many. Since the lifting of some restrictions, the school has reopened but only to high school students and only online so far. What will the future bring, for the school and for the community? Could the school building be put to other uses that would bring economic opportunities? Perhaps continuing education, ESL, or teaching trades? Could classes be taught in various cottage crafts? Could the farm owned by the Aramburos work hand in hand with the school to teach agriculture? There are possibilities everywhere and we've always believed in the old adage,

"Where one door closes, another will open."

We've also written about the ongoing good works the family does besides providing free education. I've written about the distribution of food into the outlying community. Every Sunday, food is bought, bagged and given to as many people in need as is possible. The family believes in sharing with others even when they have little themselves. They have learned that what goes around comes around. The six children have been brought up with sound values and principles.

Dave and I have had lengthy conversations with the Aramburo family as they ponder the future. The oldest son, Moises, has already begun to refurbish some of the spaces in the school, redoing the roofs, painting and cleaning. He's been approached by a couple who will open a pottery studio in the near future. And others will surely want to be part of such a positive connection. It's not easy, but then, rewarding things take time and effort.

We're supporting these efforts with funds as well as mentorship. We believe in this family and the good they do. If this is something you'd like to be part of, just email us, or donate to GreenAngels.

Thank you.

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