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We feature inspiring stories of organizations and people with whom we have direct connections, and who are making a valuable contribution to the planet and its people. GreenAngels is proud to support these projects and together we can make a real difference. Take action now and become a GreenAngel!


Teaching Poor Kids in Marikina Philippines

Helping to break the cycle of poverty. Covid-19 hit hard in the poor areas of the Philippines and along with storms and flooding life is not easy there. Many families have no money to feed themselves much less educate their children. Bing, is the wife of Dave Hargreaves, one of the Greenangels Woodchoppers, and is…

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Greenangels North Goes South

We’ve written about our past involvement with projects in the Baja and the wonderful friends we’ve made there. From the good folks at Seawatch to the Instituto Internacional de Libertad, from our work at Las Ventanas resort in Cabo to Las Gaviotas resort in La Paz, we’ve been blessed with good people who have become…

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Casa Abuelas

A home, a sanctuary, a community hub for the elderly and for homeless children. This is Elsa Aramburo’s dream. Now that she has lost her school due to COVID upheaval, Elsa has turned her attention to the very young and those in their twilight years, respecting their needs and giving them a safe, secure place….

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CENHENEN MOON – the Humpback Salmon Arrive

The CENHENEN moon – arrival of the humpback salmon. The humpback salmon or HENEN were the most plentiful of all the salmon and came by the thousands. You could look across the bay or the straits and there were so many jumping at the same time, it looked like they were suspended in mid-air. If…

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TJ Watt conservation photographer

Ancient Forest Alliance

Working to protect BC’s endangered old-growth forests and ensure a sustainable, second-growth forest industry. The Ancient Forest Alliance is a registered BC non-profit society founded by Ken Wu and TJ Watt in February 2010. The organization quickly grew into becoming BC’s main organization working towards province-wide legislation to end the logging of endangered old-growth forests….

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Sxanel: The Arrival of the Bullhead

This month’s moon signifies the deepening spring and everything is blooming. SXANEL, or the “the bullhead”, holds the time in April and May in the W̱SÁNEĆ 13 Moon calendar: SḴÁU ȽTE.  SḴÁU ȽTE, represents the natural laws of the W̱SÁNEĆ (Saanich) people. The calendar depicts the four seasons, the W̱SÁNEĆ 13 Moons and the culturally important…

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GreenAngels Wood Choppers

Chopping for charity. GreenAngels was founded by Dave Howe and Ina Timmer and many of their friends will remember the start as the “GreenAngels Wood Choppers”, a team of retired men on Pender Island BC, who got together and began chopping wood for charitable causes. They’re a stalwart, loyal bunch who get together a couple of times…

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Howard English Hatchery

Goldstream Volunteer Salmonid Enhancement Association

Enhancing salmon, education, watersheds and the eco-system. Our Goals To establish an ongoing program of salmonid enhancement for Southern Vancouver Island streams and rivers. To maintain and improve where possible the number of COHO, CHINOOK, and CHUM available for the sports fishery, native food fishery, and local commercial and charter operations. To assist local educational…

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PENAWEN – Beginning of the Salmon Time

The Penawen moon signifies June, the beginning of salmon time and harvesting. PENAWEN, or the “beginning of the salmon runs and the harvest time”, holds the time in June in the W̱SÁNEĆ 13 Moon calendar: SḴÁU ȽTE.  SḴÁU ȽTE, represents the natural laws of the W̱SÁNEĆ (Saanich) people. The calendar depicts the four seasons, the W̱SÁNEĆ…

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WEXES Moon – “Frog”

From the Wasanec 13 moon calendar. When the frogs come to life again, when they come out of hibernation, you would hear them croaking. That is the reason the first moon of spring is called “WEXES” or “frog”. The people had been home all winter and had not travelled throughout December and January. WEXES was…

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Bub’s Book Club

The Greenangels bunch have known Carl “Bub” Olsen for many years, in fact since we were all kids riding the school bus together. Growing up, we all went our separate ways, but fortunately, we  re-aquainted a number of years ago and now meet for coffee regularly. Discussion most often centres around indigenous culture and traditions….

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The Whale Trail

We recently learned of the Whale Trail, a not for profit organization that identifies viewing locations for sighting whales, in particular, the orca. We spoke with Donna Sandstrom, one of its founders. She grew up in California, where her love for the sea and all its creatures took early hold. Go to the site and…

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SISET MOON – “Old One” the Long Winter Moon

The time for the elders to relate their stories. SISET is the long winter moon and is a very dark time of year. SISET means “old one” and is the time when the elders relate the people’s stories, legends and family histories. At this time, the Winter dances are still going on, and visiting and…

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Sharing Food in a Time of Crisis

For many Canadians, a trip to Mexico is an annual family event. The people who work in the resorts, restaurants and shops in the tourist areas have relied on this income to support their families for decades. With the lock-down on travel, due to the pandemic, these families who have made our vacations so memorable are…

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SeaWatch Society

Dedicated to a healthy Sea of Cortez. Image: Espiritu Santo Island Update 2018: The year the world took notice A little over two years from the time SeaWatch kicked-off their “Espiritu Santo is Parte de ti” campaign (Espiritu Santo is Part of You), the very depleted Espiritu Santo National Park would be named one of the best…

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Baby sealion

SeaDoc Society ~ Champions for the Salish Sea

Science-based solutions for marine wildlife in the Salish Sea. Filled with beautiful photography and engaging stories, Explore the Salish Sea: A Nature Guide for Kids inspires children to explore this unique marine ecosystem that encompasses the coastal waters of British Columbia and Washington. A best-seller and winner of the Nautilus Book Award for Children’s Illustrated / Non-Fiction,…

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PEKALANEW – Time of the QOLEW or CHUM Salmon

PEKALANEW – the chum salmon arrive. There was still one more salmon to arrive, the QOLEW, dog or chum salmon. When it comes, the people are getting into PEKALANEW. Fall is coming and the sun is heading south. The PEKALANEW moon is the one that changes the color of the leaves. The people gaffed the…

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CENTEKI – the Time of the Sockeye

The CENTEKI moon signifies the arrival of the sockeye salmon. The sockeye is a beautiful salmon, with their green backs, silver sides and plump, bright red meat. In the weeks before the run, the men begin to get their nets ready, their buoys ready and their ropes ready.They would fish out by Orcas Island, San…

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Woodchopper George: A Legacy of Giving

The Kiva team: Friends of Woodchopper George are helping create loans through KIVA. When our good friend and fellow GreenAngels Woodchopper, George Finkbeiner, passed away, we wanted to honour his memory in a lasting way with a special tribute that would exemplify the generous way George led his life. Our friend Jane suggested Kiva Microlending—an…

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Supporting a Rainforest Biologist and His Community

Food, medical supplies and children’s clothing are urgently needed for this rainforest biologist and his community in Los Guatuzos, Nicaragua. Our goal has been reached! Thank you to all who supported Armando! Los Guatuzos, Nicaragua Tropical rain forest biologist and wildlife guide, Armando, and his wife Aillen Mejia Valasquez, recently sent out a plea for…

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Ethical Travel ~ Benny’s Story

Encouraging ethical travel to promote social and environmental awareness. Photo: Hotel workers in Morelia, Mexico. Credit: Obed Hernández At this time of year, when many families decide to escape the winter weather and take a relaxing vacation to the warmer climates of Mexico and other countries, it is our hope that they will consider the concept of…

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Greenangels Woodchoppers West

UPDATE: May 20/21 I know you folks on Pender have been wondering who is the Greenangels West Gang, Brother Phil on the left, good friend John on the right. In the first picture you can guess. Ina & Gwen may show up at a later date. The two hardy men in the first picture just…

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SJELCASEN Moon – Putting Away Your Paddle

When the storms blow hard and the people are settled down in their homes. SJELCASEN is the moon to put away paddles and settle down to live life at home, a good time to be in your house, warm and dry with family and friends. This is the time for the peoples’ Winter dances, for…

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WESELANEW – Shaker of the Leaves

WESELANEW – when the leaves are shaken from the trees. WESELANEW is the month of the shaker of the leaves. This was a good time of year to go out and hunt deer and elk around the Saanich peninsula and get ducks. The people used to catch ducks using an aerial net which was suspended…

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SeaWatch: ROC Expands Vigilance in 2020

ROC is protecting Mexico’s most beautiful national parks. Read the latest updates on the great work SEAWATCH continues to do in protecting the Sea of Cortez A little over two years from the time SeaWatch kicked off their “Espiritu Santo is Parte de ti” campaign (Espiritu Santo is Part of You), the very depleted Espiritu Santo National…

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