Pin Money Moms

The Goal

Supporting a group of women to generate 'pin money', by working together to establish their own business. This 'pin money' which was once used to buy extras is now much needed to supplement and in some cases replace household income.

Way back, when my kids were small we had enough money to meet our needs but not any left over for extras or a treat now and then. Moms would often find ways to earn a little here and there...perhaps knitting or sewing, creating craft items, selling Tupperware, cleaning houses, whatever they could do part time, around the schedules of the rest of the family.

I began many years ago, by making ceramic dogwood flower brooch pins. I wanted to be home for my kids but also wished to contribute to household income. With no real business experience and being shy as well, I timidly approached the world famous Butchart Gardens, to see if they would sell my pins in their gift shop. The buyer ordered one dozen! I was thrilled! From there, my confidence grew and so did the client base. BC Ferries purchased for their on board shops, four gift stores in Victoria were added and a wholesaler from Vancouver sold across Canada. Plus, my daughter and I worked craft shows whenever possible. The business grew as new product lines were created. It became quite profitable and added to the monthly income. And 10 years later I sold the business to another woman who was raising her children and wanted a business working from home. Cottage industries we used to call them.

The term “Pin money” dates back to the 1800’s and is defined in the dictionary as “a small amount of extra money that a person earns to buy things they want but do not necessarily need” Mostly this applied to women as they were more or less dependent on their husbands for an ‘allowance’.

Nowadays things have changed considerably in that women are more independent and have more choice in how household income is managed. But the biggest change today is that extra money is often needed, not to buy extras but to help buy basics. Two income families are the norm.

As we know, there are still many parts of the world where women don’t have a choice and are dependent on their partners. They are tied to their homes because of children or lack of education or because its part of the prevailing belief system. But the need for supplemental income is just as great. Or think about single Moms whose only income is what they themselves can provide. They not only have to earn but have sole responsibility for raising their kids.


What can these women do? Some are banding together as collectives and becoming entrepreneurs. Creating handmade, crafts, foods and making viable businesses. Starting small but growing step by step. Making a real difference for their lives and for their families.

Greenangels is working in Baja, Mexico towards supporting these women. We will start by making jams and jellies. Mango, strawberry and raspberry jams, orange marmalade, mango chutney. We'll add other products and crafts as we grow. We’ll be marketing them under the name ‘Casa Abuelos’ or ‘Grandmothers House’.

Casa Abuelos

We’ll begin with a small group of women in San Jose del Cabo and slowly expand to other communities. Small but many, small but mighty, groups of women working for themselves, making the decisions, earning their own ‘pin money’. Helping to provide for their families and feeling a sense of accomplishment and camaradarie.




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