Bub’s Book Club

The Goal

Learning, understanding and sharing the history and culture of Canada's indigenous peoples.

The Greenangels bunch have known Carl "Bub" Olsen for many years, in fact since we were all kids riding the school bus together.

Growing up, we all went our separate ways, but fortunately, we  re-aquainted a number of years ago and now meet for coffee regularly.

Discussion most often centres around indigenous culture and traditions. Bub tells us stories about his ancestors and shares his way of looking at the world. He has a deep connection with nature and believes that we are stewards of our planet. The word 'dominion' doesn't exist for Bub but 'equality' does in the fact that all species on earth have equal meaning and purpose.

Bub raised the idea of a book club. Let's read one book a month and then discuss it through a Zoom get together.

And so it begins.

Book of the Month "The Inconvenient Indian"

For more information on how to participate  and date for the next Zoom book club get together, contact tsunup@gmail.com

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