GreenAngels Wood Choppers

The Goal

GreenAngels Wood Choppers have raised thousands and thousands of dollars for local and global causes and continue to make a difference, one cord of wood at a time. Your support is appreciated, big or small and goes a long way towards the over 30 organizations that have benefited from their chopping efforts.

Update 2024

The choppers are still at it! After many years of raising countless dollars for charity the choppers are wielding their axes as exuberantly as ever.

Here's an update from Dave Hargreaves, one of the original choppers and from Jane McIntosh, the first person to have benefited monetarily from the choppers good works:

From Dave..."Jane Macintosh spent 5 years working on the Mercy Ships around Africa. The choppers helped fund her venture. As well, we helped fund George and Frank to get their medical certification plus we helped fund Christina Fast and SPECT, the instrument sterilizing foundation she started.
On a personal note, the choppers helped me work with Habitat for Humanity travelling overseas building houses. This is where I met my wife Bing, and together and with help from the choppers, we taught underprivileged children in Manila to read and write.
From Jane..."The first person I'd like to mention is George Brima Jah. George was one of my two friends in the Sterilizing Room on the Africa Mercy Ship. George is now married, has one daughter, and another on the way. He and his wife both work as certified Sterilizers in a hospital in Abu Dabi. 
The next is Frank Seibure. Frank has served on the ship several times since I left. He plans to make his way to Adu Dabi as well, and will get connected to a hospital there through George, to work as a Sterilizer as well. 
The third is George the Farmer. George, after a long journey, has become a US citizen. His dreams of becoming a farmer once again (after his accident) have never died. 
And finally , we have Christina Fast with SPECT. Christina has served several times in various countries, with Mercy Ships... running sterilizing courses for hospital staff. She is working currently with the Government of Sierra Leonne... transforming sterilization in hospitals throughout the country. 
The Choppers are connected to each of these people through the amazing financial support they provided. These people would not be where they are today if it was not for each of you. Thank you so very much!
You never know where your help will take people!
All the best to each of you"❤️
Jane McIntosh
From Dave...The work we do has a far-reaching impact both at home on Pender as well as around the world. Through our work, we have touched many lives.
You are all contributing to something that is much bigger than yourselves.
Thank you so much.


GreenAngels was founded by Dave Howe and Ina Timmer and many of their friends will remember the start as the “GreenAngels Wood Choppers", a team of retired men on Pender Island BC, who got together and began chopping wood for charitable causes. They're a stalwart, loyal bunch who get together a couple of times a week for the enjoyment and satisfaction of helping out the community. With an average age of over seventy, they can likely out-chop many a younger man, and do it all by hand.

As a physical and social activity, Dave began the wood chopping service for islanders who needed to build up their winter fuel supply. Philanthropist, environmentalist and businessman that he is, Dave realized the potential in this simple service—people would be willing to donate funds for firewood or donate downed trees from their property, and the resulting money could be used to support any number of important causes. With the indispensable support of his wife, and together with others of like mind, the GreenAngels Wood Choppers were born.

The choppers' first great cause was to help fund Jane McIntosh’s journey on Mercy Ships. Since then, over many years, with the help of dedicated, generous and untiring friends, the choppers have chopped and delivered cords of wood to the tune of over thousands and thousands of dollars to support many worthwhile programs on BC’s Southern Gulf Islands and abroad.

In a small corner of the world, peace and goodwill are happening. One cord of wood at a time.


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