Kiribati: Anote's Ark

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What if your country was swallowed by the sea?

For millennia, the people of Kiribati have lived off the land, dwelling on their small islands located in the central Pacific Ocean. But over the last several decades, rising sea levels due largely to climate change have slowly eaten away at the country’s 313 square miles. Without action, the country of 102,000 people may disappear altogether over the next few decades.

For years, Anote Tong, former Kiribati President, has been advocating for bold action to address climate change, making his pleas around the world. Now, Tong says the country’s citizens won’t be able to remain on the physical islands of Kiribati much longer without drastic change on global warming. Whatever happens, his country won’t look the same in 50 years.

In 2018, Eye Steel Film from Montreal, Quebec, produced Anote's Ark, a stunning documentary about Kiribati, following the life of to help make the world aware of the plight of it’s people. 

"Set against the backdrop of international climate and human rights negotiations, Anote’s struggle to save his nation is intertwined with the extraordinary fate of Tiemeri, a young mother of six, who fights to migrate her family to New Zealand. At stake is the survival of Tiemeri’s family, the Kiribati people, and 4,000 years of Kiribati culture."

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