A New Direction

Dave and Ina

A New Direction

GreenAngels was founded by Dave Howe and Ina Timmer. The first seed was planted over 20 years ago in Los Cabos, Mexico, but many of their friends will remember the start as the “GreenAngels Woodchoppers”. 

For thirteen years, Dave and Ina lived on Pender Island, one of the small Gulf Islands in the Salish Sea, on the east coast of British Columbia. They were drawn to the tight-knit community, the laid-back lifestyle and the many exceptional people they met.

As a physical and social activity, Dave began a wood chopping service for islanders who needed to build up their winter fuel supply. Philanthropist, environmentalist and businessman that he is, Dave realized the potential in this simple service—people would be willing to donate funds for firewood, or donate downed trees from their property, and the resulting money could be used to support any number of important causes. With the indispensable and indefatigable support of his wife, and together with others of like mind, the GreenAngels Woodchoppers were born. 

The Woodchoppers’ first great cause was to help fund Jane McIntosh’s journey on Mercy Ships. (Read the story here.) Since then, and with the help of many dedicated, generous and untiring friends, GreenAngels has raised over $100,000 to help innumerable worthwhile programs on BC’s Southern Gulf Islands and abroad. 

GreenAngels believes in a triple bottom line economy—people, planet, profit. An economy where profit is required to grow a business but not important enough to do so at the expense of people and the environment. 

Dave and Ina wish to share their adventures, experiences and connections with you: how they met the good people behind SeaWatch, how they learned about Christina Fast’s amazing SPECTrust, how they helped Jane with her Africa Mercy Ship goal and how these people continue to make a positive difference in the world. They’ll introduce you to good companies doing good things for the planet and share opportunities for you to make an impact, whether you volunteer, donate or invest.

Please join us. Become a GreenAngel.

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