SJELCASEN Moon – Putting Away Your Paddle

The Goal

We wish to provide knowledge and increase awareness of the WSANEC traditional learnings of the 13 Moon Calendar in order to encourage inspiration, hope and solidarity between all people who reside in the unique ecosystem along the shores of the Salish Sea - the traditional lands of the Coast Salish First Nations.

When the storms blow hard and the people are settled down in their homes.

SJELCASEN is the moon to put away paddles and settle down to live life at home, a good time to be in your house, warm and dry with family and friends. This is the time for the peoples’ Winter dances, for visiting and storytelling. The people cannot travel anymore because for the next two months the weather would be bad and rough.

This is when the women would make baskets, mats and blankets and the men would work on their canoes, make lumber, carve and make tools and utensils. Everyone would be content to be home within their communities.

This is what the people did in the time of the SJELCASEN moon.

From ‘the book ‘The Saanich Years’.

In the book, The Saanich Year, Earle Claxton, Sr. and John Elliott tell the story of SḴÁU ȽTE, the 13 moons, and how they illustrate traditional First Nations respect for the land and the interconnectedness of all living things.

To find a copy of The Saanich Year, contact the WSANEC Leadership Council, or the WSANEC school board. The VNFC Bruce Parisian Library in Victoria also holds a copy available for borrowing.

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