GreenAngels West Update – June 2021

Gwen and Adrian

It’s been awhile since you Pender folks have heard about our Angels West activities. Angels Gwen and Adrian Underwood have been ordering loads of Cedar with their friend Lois. They are hoping to shorten the timeframes to bring El Capitan and his Senorita back together. Even Angel Gwen’s son, Michael, jumped onto the truck and helped unload to get into the swing of things.

Angel Ina and Brother Phil have chipped in with accounting, collection, and chopping. Angel Adrian added a bonus to the last load (possibly a tip) which immediately Brother Phil, donated back to the cause.

MLA Adam has got into the mood and spent this afternoon, helping Brother Phil and I, chop and stack, the donation cord he ordered to help out. Adam is working on his Wings, Angel Wings(not chicken wings), and knows what is required to achieve the GreenAngels hat.

The activities described above generated a solid $1,000 increase to the Transition Fund which hopefully will bring us a few months closer to the secret Trincomali Welcome Bing Party.

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